What should i eat first thing in the morning on keto?

Jicama picadillo with turkey bacon and avocado. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, herbs and goat cheese. Sauteed vegetables with avocado & Poached egg. When you're on Keto, you need to keep your macros in mind.

Being low in carbohydrates isn't enough; including healthy fats in meals is a must. If you want to cook ahead of time, try making a low-carb quiche with a basic recipe for eggs, heavy cream, onions, a little butter and cheese, as well as seasonings. You can then vary the flavor by adding more vegetables, different cheeses, or meat. Because of the high carbohydrate content, bananas and many other fruits are generally avoided on the ketogenic diet.

But if you're in the mood for potassium-rich fruit, these keto-friendly banana muffins are the perfect quick fix. With almond flour and banana extract, this recipe provides only 7 g of carbohydrates and 3 g of fiber (i.e. only 4 g of net carbs). For an extra crunch and just a few more carbs (4g, to be exact), try a homemade nut crumble.

In some cases, vegetables can be one of the most difficult foods to incorporate into a ketogenic diet because they contain carbohydrates, which can build up. And who wants vegetables for breakfast? You'll never be skeptical again after a bite of this creamy, crustless broccoli and cheddar cheese quiche. Check all ketogenic boxes with nearly equal parts of fat and protein, and 7g of carbohydrates. This recipe is great to prepare ahead of time and freezes well for future morning meals.

If you think your vegetable intake is a little low, you can also add other keto-friendly options, such as asparagus, zucchini, or mushrooms. Seattle-based Carrie Dennett, RDN, MPH, says the proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the ketogenic diet varies slightly, but recommends that about 75 percent of calories come from fat, 5 percent or less from carbohydrates, and all other proteins. Eggs are a staple of the ketogenic diet, but everyone knows that it's not as fun to eat them without crispy toast. Because fiber is a nutrient that is often lacking in a ketogenic diet, this chia pudding is a great addition to any ketogenic plan.

If you're on the ketogenic diet, you'll likely eat bacon and eggs sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid them altogether. This green tortilla recipe is a great example of a quick and simple ketogenic breakfast packed with vitamins and minerals with a near-perfect keto macro profile. According to the Mayo Clinic, the 20 to 50 grams of daily carbohydrates on a ketogenic diet is much lower than the 225 to 325 grams generally consumed by most Americans who follow a 2,000-calorie diet. Of the three “traditional foods,” many ketogenic dieters struggle the most with what to eat for breakfast due to the fact that the most popular breakfast foods are often full of carbohydrates or sugar.

As for breakfast, whether you're following a full ketogenic plan or just looking for low-carb meals, you have plenty of alternatives to high-carb morning entrees.

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